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Noise induced hearing loss

Medical Reports  specialise in Noise induced hearing loss, we work closely with the most qualified experts in this field.

Noise induced hearing loss (known as NIHL) is when repeated or prolonged exposure to noise causes permanent impairment to the hearing. It can also be referred to as ‘industrial deafness’ or ‘occupational deafness’. NIHL affects a person’s ability to understand normal speech and sounds to a greater or lesser extent.

How is it Caused?

NIHL is damage to the cells of the inner ear caused by noise. When we refer to ‘noise’ we are actually talking about both the intensity and pitch of a sound. Either or both of these can affect our likelihood of developing NiHL if the intensity is too great or prolonged.

When sound enters the ear it causes the eardrum to vibrate. These vibrations are sent to three tiny bones in the middle ear where they are transferred to an area known as the ‘cochlea’, which is filled with fluid. This fluid begins to ripple, and these ripples are transmitted to tiny hair cells that bend and move in reaction to these ripples. This movement of the hairs creates electrical signals that are sent to the auditory area of the brain, which translates this into the sound we understand.

NIHL is caused by the damage and death of these tiny hairs. Once damage is caused they do not grow back – the loss of hearing is irreversible.

At MRL we make the claim process as straight forward as possible for the claimant as well as taking care of our solicitor’s interests.

Pre-Instruction Scheme

  • Step 1: Establish whether the client has the valid noise exposure

    Instructing solicitors will first establish whether the client has the valid noise exposure to suspect NIHL.

  • Step 2: Instruct MRL

    Instructing solicitors will instruct MRL to obtain an independent Audiogram for their client.

  • Step 3: Audiogram is received at MRL

    The audiogram is checked to ensure that all necessary information has been completed.

    We have developed our own unique software which will analyse the audiogram from the readings given to establish whether NIHL is probable.

  • Step 4: The Audiogram and analysis is sent to the instructing solicitors.

    During this time solicitors determine whether the Audiogram is probable enough of the diagnosis of NIHL to continue the clients claim.

  • Step 5: Medical records are requested.

    A form of authority will be sent to the client for completion and once received we will liaise with the relevant data providers to obtain all the necessary medical records and ensure all payments are promptly made. Copies of all records are sent securely and we strictly adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

    Once these have been sent to the solicitors, they will be checked for any limitation issues or underlying medical conditions/injuries that could affect the audiogram results.

  • Step 6: Pre- instruction request

    Solicitor’s formal instruction, employment schedule, medical records and the screening audiogram are then sent to an Ear Nose and Throat consultant in our pre-instruction scheme for review.

  • Step 7: Consultants response is received.

    The expert will notify us whether he feels the claim will be positive and therefore an examination with the client will be necessary. A full ENT report and invoice will then follow.

    Should the expert feel that the claim should be discontinued at this point due to lack of evidence then a significantly reduced invoice will be raised.

We understand that each solicitor works differently and our scheme can be adapted accordingly. Please contact us for further information.

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